Momentum at the Midway Point

By Rachelle Fullam, Strategic Initiatives Intern

As I approach the midway point of my internship at The International Center, I have begun to start reflecting on all the things that I have done here. Since I started interning at The Center I have met so many talented people and gotten the chance to participate in a wide variety of projects. Working in the Strategic Initiatives department has given me the opportunity to learn about all the different programs on a deeper level, while also interacting with the people who help run them. I’ve also had a lot of unique opportunities, such as attending a very special home hospitality dinner as well as attending (and presenting) at a Naturalization ceremony. As I go from meeting to meeting I have learned about all the different methods of communicating ideas within an office environment which, as a college student, is a whole new world for me.

As I spend time looking at all the things I have done, I have become even more excited for what lies ahead. I know that the skills I have learned so far will help provide me with a stepping stone to a future career. Although I still am not exactly sure what kind of career I want, interning at The International Center has helped me to further realize that I want working with other cultures to be an integral part of that. The diversity of cultures and experiences between the staff makes the office an exciting place to be, providing a space for different methods of understanding to merge.

My experience at The Center so far has really given me the opportunity to enhance and grow skills that will help me in formulating a professional career; whether I do so in Indiana or abroad. As I move toward the second half of my internship I know that whatever challenges I will face, or tasks I will be handed will only serve to contribute to my success in the future.