Morris Series

The International Center is proud to lead Indiana’s first and only global leadership development series.

This five-month series will expand your cultural knowledge through a collaborative curriculum, while convening and connecting established and rising relevant global leadership.
Each of the five sessions offers a unique perspective towards becoming a better global leader. You can expect an overview of cultural competency, insights into global leadership in corporate, humanitarian and governmental organizations, and the opportunity to network with global leaders from across the state.

The 2021 application is now closed. Stay tuned for 2022 application details! 

What is The International Center?

Since 1973, The International Center has served Indiana as a catalyst for international growth and as a guide to the world’s cultural landscape.


With his decades of experience in civic, public and private sectors in Indiana and overseas, Jim Morris embodies the idea of a Hoosier global leader.

Why should you apply?

You’re a Hoosier leader in a global role looking to expand your cultural knowledge through a collaborative curriculum and connect with local and global leadership.

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2020 Alumni:

  • Duchess Adjei
  • Miriam Barr
  • Ashlynne Bender
  • Maggie Bishop
  • Rish Chauhan O’Brien
  • Grant Deaton
  • Andrea Fonseca
  • Greg Harrell
  • Lauren Harris
  • Jake Miller
  • Dave Neff 
  • Dr. Ukamaka Oruche
  • Steve Osborne
  • Greg Perkins 
  • Christopher Rice
  • Rebecca Schafer
  • Brian Schutt 
  • Eric Smolen
  • Lisa Soard
  • Emily West 
  • Annie Xie
  • Jackelinna Rodriguez
  • Lauro Zuñiga