Gerald Mansbach Visit 10.18.13 012The International Center’s Cross-Cultural Training (CCT) for Employees is a single-session program offering international assignees the opportunity to learn about workplace culture in Indiana and the United States. The program guides participants through an awareness of one’s own cultural values and how this may be similar and/or different from those of one’s American colleagues and its impact on workplace relationships. OPIE also offers opportunities to meet community members from the same region of the world and answer questions about life in Indiana.

Program Highlights

  • Understanding workplace culture in the United States and Indiana
  • Cultural values and preferences of one’s U.S./Indiana counterparts
  • Work-related (and work-relevant) cultural values of the members of the team different/similar to yours
  • Stereotypes regarding each other’s cultures
  • Building and maintaining trusting business relationships with your American counterparts
  • Answers to questions regarding life in the U.S. and Indiana
  • Opportunities for getting involved in the community and developing a local network of resources to relevant ethnic and cultural organizations
  • The chance to meet other community members who will be able to offer helpful information during the lunch period about amenities in Indianapolis
  • Protocol tips for business and social interactions.

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