The International Center’s Cross-Cultural Training (CCT) for Partners is a series of small group sessions that introduce important aspects of American culture to help newcomers feel quickly at ease in their new country, enhancing a family’s cultural adjustment, and ensuring a successful assignment in Indiana. Participants have the opportunity to meet other newly arrived expatriates, share their experiences and be a part of a support group during their stay in Indianapolis and beyond.

Focused Topics passport

  • Bridging the cultural gap
  • American social customs and holidays
  • American health care system
  • Personal and family safety
  • Finances in the United States
  • Volunteerism
  • Orientation tour of the city
  • Education – preschool to college

Program Panelists

Expert speakers are drawn from the community to enhance the program and answer in-depth questions based on the needs of the group:

  • The public information officer from a local law enforcement agency and a fire safety officer from the local fire department discusses personal and public safety
  • A local financial institution representative provides an insight into finance in the U.S.
  • A medical professional who speaks on the U.S. healthcare system
  • An immigration lawyer discusses working in the U.S.
  • Community leaders introduce the Association of International Women, educational and cultural resources, and volunteer opportunities

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