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Indianapolis-Skyline1The International Center’s multilingual staff works directly with expatriate employees and their accompanying partners and families, providing individualized person-to-person support for short- and long-term assignees. Our goal is to minimize the confusion, anxiety and time involved in setting up a household in a new country, so employees can quickly focus on their new job assignments, and experience greater satisfaction in both their new work and home lives.

Working with a relocation group or the employer’s Human Resources department, we tailor our programs to address critical issues and concerns at each juncture of their relocation – before departure, through the search for a new place to live, to “settling in” services. We also connect newcomers to local resources and other needs that are helpful in making a new home in Indiana.

Services Offered

This program is designed to help local organizations and companies recruit top talent all over
the world by showcasing everything Indiana offers to candidates who are thinking about taking a job with a local company.

The Homesearch Program focuses on helping individuals and families find not just a house but a home. The International Center staff screens and discusses all properties with real estate agents based on information provided by the employee and human resources personnel.

Settling-In Services help make sure employees obtain the essentials for living in Indiana. Relocation Specialists assist individuals in obtaining essential documents and services such as driver’s licenses, social security numbers, school registrations, utility and phone-set up, etc.

Relocation Resources

Destination Indiana: An Expat’s Guide to the Hoosier State

The International Center presents Destination Indiana, an online tool that will equip you with important information and answer common questions about life in Indiana!

This tool will be a part of your relocation package, in addition to one of our Relocation Specialists who will assist you. Our Relocation Team is dedicated to making your relocation to Indiana a positive experience.

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