China: IN view

  Indiana’s relationship with China 

Over the years Indiana has been maintaining and developing relationships with China. In 1987, the Hoosier state established a sister-state relationship with the eastern coastal province of Zhejiang. Since then, many Indiana cities have followed the state’s lead by establishing sister-city relationships with cities in Zhejiang in Province and throughout China. Hoosier-Sino relations are enhanced furthermore by the many business relationships and University partnerships that exist in our community. Ms. Lei Wang, Project Manager – China, is responsible for planning and coordinating global strategic development programs and special projects, focused primarily on China, on behalf of The International Center.

Cultural Insight – Face

In Chinese society the concept of “face” is of critical importance. There are four types of “face” having to do with respect, wisdom, and good reputation. Saving face for oneself and others is highly valued in Chinese family, social, and business interactions. 

Celebrating the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) 

Today is Chinese New Year! In order to celebrate the year of the sheep The International Center’s Marketing and Communications Intern, Remy Braconnot sat down with Yin Li, China Project Intern, for an interview about what the Lunar New Year means to her. 

RB: What do you miss most about the Spring Festival Celebrations in China? 
YL: Being with my family is the thing I miss most. Spring festival is the time that people living in the other cities or countries go back to hometowns and be with their families. 

Quick Tips on Proper Protocol & Etiquette 

    • Do address the eldest or most senior member of the group first, especially when making introductions. Respect for age and status should be observed. 

    • Don’t place a business card into your wallet and then put it in your back pocket after receiving it. Care should be given when receiving a “name” card. 

    • Do use your entire hand to point rather than just your index finger. Don’t speak aggressively or use expansive hand gestures when speaking.

    • Don’t use idioms or slang when speaking to your counterparts. Along with humor, idioms and slang can complicate communication across culture. 

    • Don’t give gifts in groups of four because it is associated with funerals and death. There are many nuacences to gift giving in China, be sure to consult an expert so that you make the best impression.

    RB: How do people in China celebrate the coming of the Chinese New Year? 
    YL: Chinese will have a great meal together on the last day of the last year. In this year, it was February 18th. 

    RB: Tell me a little bit about the meal? 
    YL: About the meal, like my family, we cook spring rolls and various sea food, also drink a lot of wine. After this big meal, kids set off fireworks or firecrackers in cities where it is allowed, this is the most exciting activity for children. 

    RB: What are some of the other traditions? 
    YL: The kids will receive the red envelopes with the money inside from elders for good luck. Then everybody is waiting for the first day of the Chinese New Year. 

    China Business Seminar on Friday March 13, 2015


    China seminar business International Center Bloomington Indianapolis
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    Join The International Center and the America China Society of Indiana at the Ivy Tech Bloomington campus March 13, 2015 for the first event in our 2015 China Seminar series. This seminar will feature speakers from The International Center to cover appropriate etiquette, protocol and cross cultural communication when in China or working with Chinese colleagues.

    International Center board member, Russell Menyhart, an attorney with Taft Law, will share insights on Chinese business experience stemming from his extensive international background, most recently serving as political unit chief at the U.S. Consulate in Shanghai from 2011-2014.


    Did you celebrate the Chinese New Year? Or do you have a story about doing business in China? Share it with us!