75 Years of International Exchange

At The International Center we strive to facilitate international exchange. One of our core programs is the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), managed by Beth Barich. The program helps bringing leaders from all around the world to the United States in order to improve international diplomacy. It was first introduced in 1940 and was solely created for Latin American leaders but quickly evolved into what it is known as today. That is, bringing leaders from all around the world to US communities. In its first 75 years, the IVLP served 200,000 emerging leaders in diverse fields. Today, the IVLP is facilitated by Global Ties US, a non-profit organization, and the Department of State. They work hand in hand to provide their members with leadership development and to involve Americans in building mutual understanding between people and nations.

Oscar Arias, Global Ties, National Meeting, 75
Oscar Arias giving a speech at the Global Ties US National Meeting
Recently, Global Ties held its annual conference in Washington, D.C. and celebrated 75 years of the International Visitor Leadership Program. The conference presented different topics and workshops on professional and organizational development and country specific briefings.
This year, two of our staff members contributed to the conference. Beth Barich, our International Visitor Program Manager, led a pre-meeting workshop on IVLP fundamentals that helped attendees improve their IVLP project management skills. Peter Kirkwood, our Protocol Officer, shared best practices and ideas on how to facilitate global relations through international business protocol.
In addition, conference participants were treated to a reception at various embassies which was a perfect occasion to develop relationships with foreign officials. Beth Barich went to the Embassy of Argentina while Martin Baier, our Vice President of Programs and Services, was invited to the Embassy of Mexico. 
Protocol Officer, Global Ties US, National Meeting
Peter Kirkwood, our Protocol Officer
One of the highlights of the conference was a luncheon with the ambassadors that created an opportunity to network with over 50 members of Washington’s diplomatic corps. This year’s guest of honor was Oscar Arias, former president of Costa Rica, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and IVLP alumnus. Another major event was the US Department of State reception where Jill Biden, Second Lady of the United States, shared her thoughts on the importance of the IVLP. Overall, the conference gathered about 800 non-profit organizations, governmental agencies and leaders that were able to foster relationships to key players of the program and share best practices with other organizations involved.
Beth Barich
Beth Barich and the Ambassador of Argentina
If you want to know more about the IVLP and what we do at The International Center, read Ashalyn Hardy and Kimberly’s accounts on a day with an international visitor. For more information visit our website or contact Beth Barich.