South Africa

The Mandela Effect: Part Two

To read the part one of The Mandela Effect, click here. Meeting Mandela I met Nelson Mandela before he became president of South Africa. He had just been released from prison after serving a 27 year fighting for human rights and racial equality. He was visiting Durban, the city I grew up in, for a rally. I lived about 15-minutes from the ocean where there’s a beautiful boardwalk where you can cycle or jog. This one Sunday morning, I was running with a friend and at some point, I went ahead. As I was running on the sidewalk, there

The Mandela Effect: Part One

I am a fourth generation South African with Indian roots. During the 1800s, when South Africa and India were both colonized by the British, my ancestors were brought to South Africa as indentured laborers to work the railroads, coal mines and sugar cane fields. They left India for various reasons, among them being the current state of government in India, family issues, or just an adventure. By the time their contract ended, most of the Indians working in South Africa had established a community—building schools, places of worship and starting informal businesses. My ancestors, like many other Indians, decided