Meet the 2013 Summer Interns!

Yiting Li
Asian Learning Center Intern
DePauw University
“As an international student from China, I keep a strong interest in promoting diversity at DePauw. As the new intern at Asian Learning Center this summer, my main project is to improve the marketing strategies for ALCI, including maintaining the social networking accounts, updating the websites, and creating other marketing materials. I am also assisting with the “Learning about Asia from Food” program, which aims to increase the awareness about different food cultures in Asia. I hold a strong career interest in Non-profit Organization, International relations and education after graduation.”

Madeleine Thickett
Development Intern
Brasenose College, Oxford University
“As someone with an international background myself, I feel that The International Center is the perfect place to spend my summer. I am really excited to learn about American culture and its international outreach. In the development role I hope I will get to see all of the facets making up The International Center and appreciate how necessary it is in today’s global society. I hope to learn about fundraising and I feel that being so enthusiastic about what The International Center is trying to achieve will really help.”
Catherine Johnson
IVLP Intern
Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service
“I am very happy to be spending this summer at The International Center for the chance to learn more about the opportunities for international business and intercultural contact and exchange in Indianapolis. Through working with the IVLP program, I am excited for the chance to work with groups of international visitors who are coming to Indiana over the next couple months.”
Alyssa Ufer
Event Management Intern
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
“I chose to intern with the International Center due to the fantastic opportunity it has offered in the Event Management Intern position.  The responsibilities and duties required to plan The International Citizen of the Year Award Dinner will help me to gain operational, managerial, and critical thinking skills vital to my success in the industry.  I am so excited to be part of an organization filled with hard working individuals, who are truly dedicated to stimulating International growth in Indiana.”
Hayley Pierson
Relocation Services Intern
Hanover College
“I wanted to be a part of the International Center because I wanted to see what Indianapolis has to offer the International community and how Indianapolis is becoming more global.”
Emily Garman
Global Competency Intern
University of Dayton
“I hope to gain experience in understanding business and working in a professional environment.  I also want to have interaction on an international level and increase my competency concerning different cultures.”


Kasey Cranfill
Office of Protocol Intern
Purdue University
“I’m interning at The International Center to gain a better understanding of how to handle cross-cultural situations professionally. The International Center is full of people who have had a lot of experience with these types of situations and I feel I can learn a lot from them.”

Joel van Bergeijk
Programs and Services Intern
University of Indianapolis
“I wanted to be a part of The International Center because of the professional opportunities and connections offered by the position, as well as the opportunity to improve my German language skills.”

Maggie Dankert
Asian Learning Center Intern
University of South Carolina, Class of 2010
“I am most excited to be a part of The International Center because this is the type of work I want to center my life around.  I hope to someday work with assisting International students’ lives on a college campus, and the ALC intern position is allowing me to apply the knowledge I’ve gain while living abroad, my graduate studies in higher education, and my love of working with international peoples.  This will be an amazing learning experience.”

Alejandra Salmeron
Marketing, Communications, and Stakeholder Relations Intern
Indiana University
“I am glad to be a part of the International Center this summer because everything they do has a tremendous impact on the people of Indianapolis and the City itself, especially in terms of expanding cultural diversity and understanding. It is a chance to learn from amazing people!”