An Internship To Remember

Time flies. Doesn’t it?

It seems like just yesterday we were all sitting at the conference room table, introducing ourselves to the rest of The Center’s Staff. We were now members of a wonderful and diverse team; and we were eager to work on various projects and learn more about our specific responsibilities. We knew that in the course of this internship program we would acquire the necessary skills that would be beneficial to the development of our professional lives.

“As I reflect on the 5 months I was able to spend with The International Center’s Global Competency Training Program, I am amazed by the variety of experiences I collected and the amount of knowledge I amassed.  I came to The International Center in hopes of developing as a professional and learning about the global environment of the State of Indiana.  My internship did not disappoint in this regard.  All good things come to an end, but I will fondly reflect on my days with The International Center for years to come.” Chris Wallace, Global Competency Intern

What we didn’t know, however, was that by interning at The Center, we would have an opportunity to work with every department: that’s one of the wonderful things about this internship because one gets a 360◦ view of the scope of work that this organization produces. In addition, this feature enabled each one of us to establish our own professional character.

“My tenure as the International Visitors Program Intern at The Center was fun, productive, and fantastic all around. It was delightful and interesting getting to host and accompany groups of international visitors, as well as working with everybody in the office, especially my supervisor, Beth Barich. Thanks to everybody for contributing to a wonderful experience!”Gaelen Strnat, International Visitor Leadership Program

“I can still clearly remember the beginning of this internship: it was a warm August morning and I was on my way to the Regions Tower to take part in my first professional Monday Staff meeting; I felt nervous, but excited to begin this new journey. I can honestly say that through this internship I have gained confidence, experience working in a professional environment, and new knowledge that will no doubt help me to be successful in the future. I would like to thank The Center’s Staff and my wonderful fellow interns for making this internship a memorable one!”-Lana Derevyashkina, Marketing and Communications Intern

It is often said that “everything happens for a reason”, and in regard to our time here, we couldn’t agree more. We had a chance to work with exceptional Staff and most importantly, we had an opportunity to learn from them. The diverse backgrounds that this class of interns brought to The Center were beneficial to each participant’s personal growth. Moreover, we could all agree that by interning here we have gained new friends…better yet, a second family; because that is what one becomes as soon as he or she walks through that office door.

“It is a truly rewarding experience interning at The International Center, and meet with wonderful professional staff here. I am definitely more prepared to pursue my career in the nonprofit field.”-Yizhi “Lois” Luo, Asian Learning Center of Indiana Intern
Although it is sad to leave, we cannot help but also be happy too. Why? Because we know that we will always be welcomed here and that we now have a strong support system behind us, which will remain with us wherever we might go.

I was received warmly into the arms of The International Center family and much like the clients with whom I assisted, I transitioned effortlessly into my new work environment, the Relocation Services Department. I have found Relocation Services to be a beacon of light for newcomers, in the warmth, effervescence, and sincerity that they dedicate to accommodating and guiding each client. I would like to thank CaSondra Shim and Ikue Shirayanagi for their valuable guidance and not to forget, their ever-cheerful attitudes even in times of chaos! I would also like to thank the invaluable Relocation Specialists, whose hard work is essential to the department’s excellent reputation for world class service. Finally, I would like to thank everyone with whom I had daily interactions and who nurtured me throughout the entire process. I will truly miss all of you.”-Dillon Smith, Relocation Services Intern

The 2013 Fall Class of Interns would like to extend its most sincere appreciation and warmest wishes to the Staff at The International Center and the great City of Indianapolis for making our internship experience one to remember!      

With Special Thanks to Maggie Dankert for being our photographer for the day! 


Sincerely yours, 

2013 Fall Class of Interns