Around the World in a Month

By Eboni Stevens, Protocol Intern

The very first day that I met Peter, I was a little caught off guard. My very first assignment was to memorize the flags of all of the countries represented in the United Nations. I thought for sure he was joking. I was assured he was not. With a very limited (as an understatement) knowledge of flags, my next thought was that this task would be next to impossible to complete before the end of my internship, and I was definitely  going to be the worst intern for the position.
A little over a month later, I am proud to say that I can identify every one of the flags represented in the United Nations. My friends tease me saying things like, “…she’s studying those flags again…let me guess, the flags?” But, it has been one of my greatest accomplishments as an intern. Studying the flags became a game to me, or more like a challenge. I studied in my spare time with flag quizzes and even downloaded an app for my smart phone. I completed the impossible.

However, the flags are just one of the many things that I have come to learn while interning under Peter. I haven’t just learned facts about the job, but helpful advice about life. Lessons like having more confidence in my potential, never assume anything, and to confirm the information that I gather (just to name a few) are ones that will go with me a long way in my life as an adult. Whenever I see a flag, I will always remember my summer at The International Center and my boss Peter Kirkwood.