Giving Thanks: A Year In Review

Like much of the United States, The International Center staff is preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday. We’re powering down our computers, ensuring our office plants are well-watered and checking the refrigerator one last time to make sure we haven’t forgotten to remove any foods that are unlikely to survive the long holiday weekend.

We’re also taking a moment to reflect on what we’re most thankful for, both on a personal and professional level. The full list of accomplishments we as a staff are thankful for was too long for a single blog, but we’ve provided a sample of what we’re thankful for below:

Wow, what a year! Here’s what our staff is most thankful for this year:

“I am thankful for the wonderful people who make up the International Center staff; committed, smart, and fun. I am thankful for the wonderful people who make up the Board of the International Center; big thinkers, loyal to our cause and always willing to help. I am thankful for the extraordinary opportunity to lead this organization; interesting work, interesting people, the chance to bring change. I am thankful for this community; its warmth, its caring, and its energy.”

—Diane Thomas, President and CEO

“I am thankful to be with a great team of people that make work look easy.”

—Martin Baier, Vice President of Programs and Services; Incoming President and CEO

“I am thankful for family and friends for their unconditional love, support and hugs as we honor our shared experiences and celebrate our differences.”

—Ansuyah Naiken, Global Competency Training Manager

“It’s rare to find a group of people so talented, thoughtful and kind under one roof—I’m grateful to have been welcomed earlier this year by the team, and to have the opportunity to work alongside them each day. On a more personal note, I’m thankful for my incredible family and friends who are an endless source of support, and for my fur babies, whom my co-workers hear about every day to a nauseating extent.”

—Logan Charlesworth, Marketing and Communications Associate

“I’m thankful for Lilly Endowment’s continued support and trust in our organization. They are such a valued supporter of our organization, and keep us grounded in our work and mission. I’m thankful for the opportunity to travel, see new places and experience new things, especially when involves a hiking trip or two! I’m also thankful for family who are like friends and friends who are like family.”

—Kaitlyn Neel, Development Manager

“Thanks to all the people who contributed to our China News Blog (launched this year), through which we learned how events happening in Indiana and China have impacted Hoosiers’ lives! This is also the year I transitioned from single to a married life. I am so thankful for the best wishes, support and advice from my beloved family and friends (including my colleagues, of course!).”

—Lei Wang, China Project Manager

“I am thankful for all of The Center’s volunteers and professional resources that answer the call to participate in professional exchanges with our international visitors and diplomats. The opportunity to see positive transformations in our views of one another is among the most gratifying experiences in the work I have the privilege of doing at The Center.”

—Peter Kirkwood, Protocol Officer

“I am thankful to be a part of the IC staff and work alongside such caring and committed colleagues, especially those who accompany me on coffee runs!”

—Hannah Day, Executive Assistant and Board Liaison

“In our work welcoming expatriates, I am thankful for every opportunity to share our local architecture, history, traditions, and many hidden gems with newcomers via walking tours of downtown and our new INTLCXN program.  It’s at the heart of Hoosier hospitality to help others make a deeper connection to their ‘new hometown’; to bridge the distances between the world and our place in it; and to let them know they and their families are truly welcome!”

—Joan Monninger, International Relocation Coordinator

“I am thankful for family, friends and a Cubs win!”

—Garth Eberhart, Chief Operations Officer

“This season I am thankful for being able to work and live in a wonderful community and being surrounded with wonderful family, friends and coworkers.”

—Jeff Kamm, Operations Manager

“I am thankful for my wonderful family.  I enjoy seeing life through my 19-month old daughter’s eyes.  Life looks to exciting and fresh.  I am also grateful to work with an excellent relocation team!”

—CaSondra Shim, Director of Relocation Services

“I am thankful for the best ensemble staff I’ve ever encountered, Board members who champion our mission and vision, key stakeholders who have made our steady growth possible, and community partners who count on us to help them achieve their international objectives.”

—Billie Fouts, Vice President of Marketing and Development

By Logan Charlesworth, Marketing and Communications Associate