Meet The Center: Angelique Barrere

First things first: tell us a little about yourself and your background. 

My name is Angelique Barrere. I arrived in Indy 18 months ago after spending 8 fascinating years in China. I speak 4 languages besides English—including Chinese, German, Italian and French, my native tongue—and have extensive experience in global marketing.

What drew you to your role at The International Center?

I heard about The International Center a few months after I arrived. I found it a very interesting and unique place with great services. That’s why I offered to volunteer in the global competency department last year. Martin Baier, our president and CEO, proposed that I join the IVLP team. Since everyone was so friendly, I knew it would be a great place to work.

What are you looking forward to most in your new position?

I am looking forward to doing my best and working on great IVLP proposals with Peter Kirkwood, The Center’s protocol officer.

Which living abroad experience has been the most meaningful? Why?

I have been living abroad for 18 years now, and all locations were very impactful in their own way. But the most impactful part of living abroad was the possibility to meet ordinary people who are extraordinary. Through the magic of meeting people and speaking their language, I’ve been able to form strong friendships with wonderful people from all over the world. Friendship has no borders.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

Well, I am a nature lover. I love birds and I am an amateur beekeeper. I have 6 hives! Harvesting the honey is a lot of work, but I love to give my friends jars of honey from my bees.

Speed round (answer with only one word):

  • Favorite food: Thai food
  • Favorite country you’ve visited or lived: Japan
  • Language you’d love to learn: Arabic and Japanese (I cheated and listed 2)
  • Favorite IC brand color (orange, blue, green, yellow): Orange
  • Social media handle: linkedin/in/angelique-barrere

Profile completed by Angelique Barrere, International Visitors Program Coordinator.