Meet The Center: Sandra Pfister

First things first: tell us a little about your background. 

Was born in Germany. Hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Psychology. Lived and worked in Germany, USA, Australia and France.

What drew you to your role at The International Center?

I liked what the IC does and in particular the role in Relocations as having moved and lived overseas myself, I can relate.

What is your favorite aspect of your role?

I like to arrange/organize and help people who come from overseas settle in Indiana.

If you have traveled or lived abroad, which location was the most impactful on your life? Why?

Probably my first stay abroad when living and working in San Diego, California as an Au Pair for a year. It was such a good experience that it shaped my future in terms of wanting to live and work in other countries again.

Speed round (answer with only one word):

  • Favorite food: raw German oats in chocolate milk
  • Favorite country you’ve visited or lived: India
  • Language you’d love to learn: Spanish
  • Favorite IC brand color (orange, blue, green, yellow): blue

Profile completed by Sandra Pfister, Relocation Coordinator