Meet The Center: Alli Tinch

First things first: Tell us a little about your background.

I am from a small town in Southern Indiana, but I moved to Indianapolis a few years ago to attend IUPUI. I started out as a nursing major but, somehow along the line, I landed in event management. During my senior year, I interned here at The Center as the International Citizen of the Year Award intern. That position turned into a part-time temporary role, which then turned into the executive assistant/board liaison position. I just couldn’t leave; I loved it here so much!

What drew you to your role at The International Center?

I don’t know if there was one specific aspect of the job that drew me to the executive assistant/board liaison role. Honestly, I think I was just drawn to The International Center as a whole after having such a great experience during my internship. When I was offered the position, I just knew I couldn’t say no.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

Networking. I’m excited to meet members of the community who are passionate about making Indiana a more global state. I’m also excited to get to know our Board members since my position has a good deal of one-on-one time with them. So far, all of my interactions with our Board have been wonderful! They’re all amazing people.

If you have traveled or lived abroad, which location was the most impactful on your life? Why?

In between my sophomore and junior year at IUPUI, I studied abroad in Germany. While I was there, we stayed in Switzerland, Austria and France. My favorite part was when we hiked up Pfänder Mountain, which is right on the border of Austria and Germany. At the top of the mountain, you can see three nations: Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It was such an incredible experience. It was a whole new perspective. I could see how different each nation was from the other at a bird’s eye view. I’d love to go back.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

Most people seem to be surprised to learn that I grew up in a small town and lived right next to a farm. I spent most of my childhood driving four-wheelers and dirt bikes with my older brother. I actually sold my quad during my sophomore year of high school so I could buy a car: a red Volkswagen Beetle.

I’m also obsessed with my dog, Millie, but most people already know that.

Speed round (answer with only one word):

  • Favorite food: Cheesy taters (cheesy potato casserole)
  • Favorite country you’ve visited or lived: France
  • Language you’d love to learn: German
  • Favorite IC brand color (orange, blue, green, yellow): Green
  • Social media handle: @allinoel94