Meet The Center: Audrey Hughey

First things first: tell us a little about your background. 

I’m a local girl. My degree is in Geography…who lives where and why.

I got my passport before my driver’s license. I prefer my Geography without an itinerary, round trip tickets, guidebook, map, phone, apps, watch, camera, etc. Just go, Be. You never know what the tide might bring in. This is how I came to drive a train in Paris, catch a Muskie in Canada, hear Oscar Peterson play “Back Home Again in Indiana” at the Montreux Jazz Festival, romp in an open field with a tiger cub at the Beijing Zoo, try on Empress Dowager Cixi’s clothes she’d worn to the opera at the Summer Palace, enjoy a home cooked meal while in Kalkar at an old neighbor’s house, bump in to friends at the Audley in London, forcing me to share my birthday cake!…well, you see what I mean.

I think it’s a rare freedom found in those precious moments, the opportunity to walk this earth, present and unencumbered.

What drew you to your role at The International Center?  

There’s a whole big world outside the 465 loop!

I wanted to join this team to contribute to their commitment to convey, convene, and connect Indiana to the broader world.

What is your favorite aspect of your role?

The organizational culture and the daily teamwork towards the mission.

Each day is different. One day I have the honor of presenting a flag that flew over the U. S. Capitol to the eldest newest citizen at a Naturalization Ceremony (she was from Togo!). The next day, I may be writing an SOP for the intern hiring & onboarding process or creating an orientation guide and developing a weekly speaker program. I may support the CEO at an Executive Committee meeting or attend an Economic Club luncheon with clients and Board Members.

Each day, I look forward to making a contribution to the mission and my team, large or small… everything counts in teamwork.


If you have traveled or lived abroad, which location was the most impactful on your life? Why? 

I lived in Hawaii. Seeing the curve of the Earth from home every day, reminded me to have faith in what lay just beyond my view.


What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I’m a Sumo fan, even have the lunchbox! Sumo is a 1,500 year-old ritual, performed to ensure a bountiful harvest and honor the spirits. It is highly competitive and very majestic to watch.


Speed round (answer with only one word):

  • Favorite food:   kevinscooking
  • Favorite country you’ve visited or lived:   each
  • Language you’d love to learn:   Polynesian(s)
  • Favorite IC brand color (orange, blue, green, yellow): Green
  • Social media handle:   Hello!

Profile completed by Audrey Hughey, Executive Assistant and Administrative Liasion to the Board