The Future of a Global Indiana

Since the 70s, The International Center has been “the center” of Indianapolis’ global presence. In 1972, The International Center provided interpreters and translators for the NATO Conference of Mayors held in Indianapolis. The Center officially formed in 1973 and continues to serve as an invaluable resource to public, private, and civic sectors across the state of Indiana.

The work we do directly and indirectly impacts all Hoosiers. Investors from other countries create new jobs; expatriates relocate to Indiana to lend their expertise in fields like medicine, agriculture, and technology. International visitors spend time in our state, meeting with a variety of leaders, learning from the work Hoosiers are doing in a variety of sectors, and trading ideas in an effort to improve their native countries.

The Center embraces a global economy, values all cultures, and strives to make Indiana a vibrant place to live and work.

Now more than ever, The Center encourages young professionals to engage with us and learn more about our work. We realize the future of Indiana lies with the next generation and The Center recognizes a need to engage. As a first step, I am extremely proud to introduce the Global Impression Award!

The Global Impression Award honors up-and-coming leaders throughout the Hoosier state whose work is directly impacting the globalization of Indiana. We want to recognize and celebrate the young leaders whose work complements and enhances that of The Center: Expanding Indiana’s global interest through a variety of programs and services and through convening diverse interests that share common international goals.

What’s super cool about this award is that the top three nominees’ will be introduced at our premier event, the International Citizen of the Year Award Dinner and Program on August 23! The Global Impression Award winner will be presented the award at the beginning of the evening and this year our International Citizen of the Year honoree is Indiana’s Governor, Eric Holcomb. The winner will go down in International Center history as the first ever Global Impression Award recipient.

Nominations are being accepted now until May 31. I am already impressed with the caliber of nominations we have received and am thrilled to learn about of all of the amazing young professionals in Indiana. I am impressed, humbled and proud of the passion, innovation and commitment highlighted in each of the nominations.

I love this quote from Governor Holcomb: “As governor, I want to take Indiana to the world, and bring the world to Indiana. We’re a global economy with over 800 foreign companies currently doing business in Indiana.”  Many of us, do too, sir, and our young people are the ones who are going to accomplish this goal.

I encourage you to nominate the person(s) you know who make for a good candidate and join us this year as we celebrate the ongoing work of Governor Holcomb and the next generation of influencers, doers and change-makers. Please visit our website to submit your nomination. We also encourage you to use #GlobalImpressionIN on social media to help spread the word!

I look forward to learning more about the next leaders of Indiana and watching how their work will impact the world, beyond the borders of Indiana.

By Laura Limp, Development Manager