Summer is finally upon us, which means a new cohort of interns has arrived at The International Center. The Center brings in new interns each semester, allowing students to experience and excel in a work environment with international flair. The International Center allows interns to be themselves by bringing their own ideas and unique backgrounds into the workplace.


Alli Tinch: Internship Coordinator
Question: What qualities do you look for when choosing interns to help advance The International Center?
Answer: Someone who is openminded, well organized, and enjoys learning about different cultures and diversity.

Martin Baier: President and CEO
Question: What do you like most about having interns here at The International Center?
Answer: The International Center appreciates interns because they add a fresh mind, energy and talent to the organization. The ability to provide guidance and mentorship to interns who are eager to learn and grow is captivating.


Becca Fillip

School: Purdue University
Major: Marketing
Year: Sophomore
Reason for joining The International Center: I have always been interested in non-profit work and I have already recognized that they’re the type of organization where I will be happiest in my career. When I heard about The International Center, I was very impressed by its mission and services and wanted to participate in the summer internship program. I am currently the International Citizen of the Year Intern and am so excited to learn and grow this summer!
Fun Fact: I really love art, especially impressionist paintings, and I have seen the world’s largest collection of impressionist art, which is at Musée d’Orsay in Paris, France.

Dasha Beauchamp

School: Indiana University Bloomington
Major: Advertising, minor in Business
Year: Senior
Reason for joining The International Center: As college is coming to an end, my search for “the dream job” has begun. The International Center caught my interest because growing up in a diverse family opened my eyes for international growth. After learning more about The International Center’s mission and meeting the staff, I knew this intern experience would help me grow for my future goals. I am greatly excited about what this summer brings!
Fun Fact: I have had interest in marine life since I was a little kid. I have visited over 15 aquariums in different places around the world. My favorite aquarium was in Okinawa, Japan.

Emily Smith

School: Butler
Major: International Business
Year: Freshman
Reason for joining The International Center: I chose to intern at The International Center because I am interested in international relations and I think working at the Center will help me get a better understanding of the type of job I want for the future.
Fun Fact: I went to boarding school for high school.

Kathryn Petersen

School: Indiana University Bloomington
Majors: International Studies, Spanish, and Arabic
Year: Sophomore
Reason for joining The International Center: I chose to intern at The International Center to explore career options and fully understand the international presence here in Indianapolis. In the relocation services department, I help coordinate the arrivals and departures of international employees. It amazes me that Indianapolis has such a rich culture and presence in the international community. I love getting to know the intelligent and fun people who work here at The International Center and I love meeting the other interns who share similar interests.
Fun Fact: I love the Beatles! My favorite song is Hey Bulldog.

Maya Benet McCullaugh

School: Ball State University
Major: International Business, minor in Japanese
Year: Senior
Reason for joining The International Center: I chose to intern at The International Center because Martin Baier came to my international business class at Ball State University and spoke to us about The Center and the services they offer. I was very intrigued and applied to intern here as soon as I could.
Fun Fact: I can speak 3 languages other than English!

Neelam Patel

School: Indiana University Bloomington
Major: International Studies; Near Eastern Languages & Cultures
Year: Sophomore
Reason for joining The International Center: Throughout the year, I struggled to find a job/internship that would not only allow me to gain experience in my field of study but would also allow me to give back to my own community. I applied to The International Center on a last-minute whim, unsure if it would be right for me, but after speaking to a couple of people who work here, I was sure it was the right choice!
Fun Fact: I speak 3 languages (English, Gujarati, and Hindi) and am studying 2 more (Spanish and Arabic).

By Dasha Beauchamp, Marketing & Communications Intern