International Consultant and Global Leadership Scholar

Yulia Tolstikov-Mast, Ph.D. is a Global Leadership Scholar, Doctoral Education Innovator, Consultant, and Author. Originally from Russia, she relocated to the United States about 25 years ago. In academia, Yulia worked with international students, taught college English and Russian as a Second Language in Russia; and coordinated experiential learning activities at Butler University College of Business as well as taught a range of communication, management, marketing and international business courses in Memphis, Ohio, and Indiana.

Yulia was a Founding Faculty and later, an Associated Professor and Lead Faculty, at the Ph.D. in Global Leadership Program (Indiana Tech) where she designed global learning opportunities for a doctoral curriculum, created an innovative international leadership research course, coordinated residencies and curriculum reviews, and was awarded the Faculty of the Year for mentoring doctoral students. Dr. Tolstikov-Mast is the Global Mindset Inventory Certified Facilitator (GMI) and published Global Mindset development case studies.

Yulia has an extensive business development background working for a first global company in the South of Russia or entrepreneurial companies in the USA. As an international consultant, Yulia does training and coaching in Global Mindset, global leadership, Russian business class, international professional communication, and organizational culture of multinationals. She has a long-standing connection to The International Center where she has been contributing to a range of training activities since 2008, including their signature program, Leadership Across Cultures.

Yulia has B. A. in Linguistics (Rostov State Pedagogical University), M.A. in Professional Communication (Purdue University), and Ph.D. in Communication (The University of Memphis). Yulia loves traveling with her husband and their teenagers, hiking, attending art events, reading and training in taekwondo and Muay Thai.

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