Cassie Ge – Relocation Specialist

  • Education

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing / University of Indianapolis

    Master of Business Administration / University of Indianapolis (Expected 2025)

  • Languages Spoken

    Mandarin, English

  • Countries Lived In

    China, U.S.

  • What you love about your work

    What do you love about your work?

    · The joy of facilitating new beginnings: I love witnessing the excitement and trepidation on clients’ faces as they embark on a new chapter in a new country. Knowing I’m helping them navigate the transition smoothly fills me with satisfaction.

    · Embracing cultural diversity: Every relocation is a journey into a different world, a chance to learn about unique customs and traditions. I thrive on the constant exposure to new perspectives and the opportunity to broaden my own horizons.

    · Building meaningful connections: More than logistics, my job is about building trust and providing emotional support. The bonds I forge with clients, helping them settle in and feel understood, are truly rewarding.

    · Problem-solving with a global perspective: Every relocation throws up unexpected challenges, but I relish the thrill of finding creative solutions. Thinking outside the box and adapting to diverse situations keeps my work dynamic and engaging.

  • Best international experience

    Indiana has become my second home for the past decade. I love the squirrels here but not so much for the Canada geese, because they always hiss at me when I am just trying to pass through! I served as an International Student Ambassador during my undergraduate study. I love working with other international students to be acclimated to live in the U.S. and become successful in their academic life. I have learned to embrace the two worlds with perseverance and patience while exploring new adventures!

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