Randall Smith, PHD – Relocation Specialist

  • Education

    Ph.D., Political Science, University of Illinois at Chicago

    M.A., Political Studies, University of Illinois at Springfield

    B.A., Political Science, Quincy University

  • Languages Spoken


  • Countries Lived In

    United States

  • What you love about your work

    For years I have lead tours/groups that connect Hoosiers with places like Chicago, St. Louis, New York, Hiroshima, Kyoto, and Tokyo. Serving as a Relocation Specialist permits me the opportunity to continue to connect with people from around the world by introducing them to Hoosiers and all that Indy has to offer.

  • Best international experience

    During my first trip to Japan, I was fortunate enough to stay at Shunko-in within the Myōshin-ji Temple Complex in Kyoto. I will never forget waking that first morning in such a place of peace and calm. The temple bell sounded at dawn through the crisp clear air and helped calm my mind for that morning’s Zen meditation instruction.

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