Past Interns: Where Are They Now?

For the past 10 years, The International Center has run a successful internship program for both undergraduate and graduate students, whether traditional or nontraditional. The Center offers a wide variety of internships and has been recognized twice by Indiana INTERNnet as the Not-for-Profit Intern Employer of the Year.  

It comes as no surprise that many of our past interns have experienced considerable success in their careers following their experience at The International Center. From an Immigration Paralegal to a French HR Specialist, law associates and development associates to Rhoades Scholars, our past interns now work in a variety of industries.  

In honor of Indiana Intern Day, we invite you to read what some of our past interns had to say when asked about their time at The Center and how it has impacted their careers.  

What was your favorite part of your time at The International Center? 

“One of my favorite aspects of my internship was working and assisting with the workshop series. It was fascinating to learn from The Center’s knowledgeable staff about the customs, culture and protocol of certain countries, as well as engage with local community members in fascinating discussions about their experiences working/living abroad.” 

Chiara Evelti, Past IVLP/ProtocolIntern

Current Position, Student Services Coordinator at Berklee College of Music 

“I absolutely loved my internship at The International Center, mostly because of the great people who work there!  My favorite memory was accompanying an IVLP group from Southeast Asia who were visiting Indianapolis to learn best practices in combatting human trafficking. I loved sitting in on their meetings throughout the week, and I hosted a home hospitality dinner for them at the end of their visit! I’ll never forget it.” 

Kendall Gardner, Past IVLP/Protocol Intern 

Current Position, Immigration Paralegal at Ware | Immigration 

How has your time at The Center helped you in your career today? 

“My supervisor, Garth Eberhart, taught me so much regarding the office procedures for invoice, deposit, budget, and payroll etc. The weekly call with the accountant and working with auditors helped me accumulate more non-profit accounting and internal control knowledge which closely related to my undergraduate school major. Aside from the hard skills, such an open, inclusive, and diverse work environment provided me a wonderful opportunity to connect with professionals in a variety of fields, helping me build strong soft skills in the workplace.” 

Haojie (Jerry) Meng, Past Operations and Projects Intern 

Current Position, Business Analyst – Marketing Analytics at Bed Bath and Beyond  

“Because my position entailed the task of hosting and working with foreign visitors traveling with IVLP to Indianapolis, I had the chance to develop my intercultural communication skills in a professional setting. Not only do I use these in my current job working with French-speaking Canadians, but it has aided with my time in graduate school researching alongside students and professors from the U.S. and Europe.” 

Mallory Noble, Past IVLP Intern 

Current Position, Master’s Student at the Institute of French Studies of NYU and French HR Specialist at Roche Diagnostics 

What’s your favorite part of what you do now? 

“I love that every day is different. Working for a small non-profit and being part of a tiny team means I get to try out a lot of different aspects of a traditional marketing role. As a young professional still trying to figure out what the rest of my career will look like, I really appreciate that opportunity.” 

Rebecca VanVliet, Past Marketing and Communications Intern 

Current Position, Marketing and Communications Manager at The International Center 

“My favorite part of what I do now is that I am able to travel and work with different clients. During my time at The Center I worked with clients from all over the world; this was my favorite part of my internship. I gained a better cultural understanding of relocating to somewhere totally new and being able to incorporate this into my job today is very rewarding.” 

Abagail Ackerman, Past Relocation Intern 

Current Position, Contracting Specialist and Event Manager at Solution Tree 

Thank you to the past interns who contributed to this post and to all the past, present and future interns of The International Center whose hard work helps The Center every day! 


By Macy Burkhart